About me

I will be joining the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering in August 2022. Prior to this, I will be joining MITRE CAASD as a National Airspace System Senior Data Scientist in August 2021, with a Visiting Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering appointment at the University of Michigan. If you are a student interested in working with me, please do reach out via email!

I completed my PhD in Aerospace Engineering, advised by Prof. Hamsa Balakrishnan, in summer 2021. At MIT, I was affiliated with the Dynamics, Infrastructure Networks, and Mobility (DINaMo) Research Group, as well as the International Center for Air Transportation (ICAT).

Broadly, I am interested in the analysis, control, and optimization of networks and networked processes, with a focus on transportation and aviation applications. I am gratefully funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) as well as the Loh Fellowship from MIT. Please see my research page for further details.

I did my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in May 2018. I also completed a master's degree in systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in May 2018. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies at UPenn, I was wonderfully advised in research (and life!) by Prof. Megan S. Ryerson. I completed a master's thesis, co-advised by Prof. Ryerson, Prof. Rahul Mangharam, and Prof. Balakrishnan.

My CV can be found here.